The Seed Award is an annual award, given to all shortlisted applicants for our New Voices programme.

All applicants to New Voices are shortlisted by both an internal and external panel, and all composers who reach the second stage of the application process and participate in an interview will receive the Seed Award.

There is no separate application process, and the award is announced annually at the same time as the New Voices composers are announced.

A composer and a mentor looking over a score

How does it work?

The Seed Award is a small targeted package of support, including coaching sessions and a small financial contribution to support the research and development of a particular project.

Artists will receive:

  • £100 contribution to support the research and development of a particular project
  • A coaching session with an accredited coach
  • Two strategic thinking sessions with our team

For more information about coaching, you can read our Coaching and Mentoring Toolkit.

How do I apply?

This award is only open to applicants for New Voices - there is no separate application process.

If you have been shortlisted for the New Voices programme and have been offered an interview, you will automatically be eligible for a Seed Award.

You can read more about the eligibility and selection criteria for New Voices, as well as the application process, on the New Voices application page.

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