Spotlight on Georgia Denham

For Georgia Denham, Sound and Music’s programmes not only kickstarted her composition career but also gave her the time and space to find her own voice. Her first encounter with … Read More

We Won a Digital Culture Award!

We are proud to announce that we have won in the first ever Digital Culture Awards for the ‘Data Driven’ category. This was a result of gathering data to understand … Read More

Composer-Curator 2022 Open Now!

Applications for Composer-Curator 2022 are now open and will close on Sunday 13th March at 11:59 pm.  We are looking to support six outstanding projects that are curated and produced by composers, … Read More

New Voices: Frazer Merrick Video Diary

Frazer Merrick, as part of his New Voices 2020 project, presents a dazzling new video series on making music with light. Each month, Frazer will be sharing jam sessions, design … Read More

In conversation with: Supriya Nagarajan

Supriya against a colourful background

Supriya Nagarajan joined the New Voices programme in 2018 following a 20-year career in the financial sector. As an emerging composer starting out later in life, she already had the … Read More

Adopt a Music Creator 2022 pairings announced

Today Sound and Music, and Making Music (the UK’s membership organisation for leisure-time music) are excited to announce the pairings selected for Adopt a Music Creator 2022. The year-long project … Read More

Spotlight on Rufus Isabel Elliot

Rufus in a leather jacket, smiling and looking downwards at the floor

Rufus Isabel Elliot (it/its) is a trans musician originally from Tower Hamlets, now based in the North West Highlands, who has written everything from funerary music for doomed spaceships, to … Read More